Monday, February 9, 2009

Feisty Bentos #291 & 292: Goodness me

I have cried tears of laughter today.


This is the love of my life kissing our (new) puppy.  The puppy came to live with us on January 11.  Proud Daddy adores this puppy and I swear to you, shows him more affection than I get (not to say he isn't loving to me, not at all, just that he really lays it on with this puppy).  Happy family (although my older dog - who turns 7 in April, though no one believes me when I say that - does not like Sammy quite yet). 

However, last night, apparently after I'd left them to their devices, my darling boyfriend decided to lay down on the couch with Sammy and a movie popped into the DVD player, snuggled into a blanket.

***WARNING*** this is not for the squeamish nor those who came here strictly for food.  If you don't want to know, skip down to the text past the next photo.  ***WARNING***

At some point, my boyfriend got up to use the bathroom or some such thing, and left Sammy on the couch with his blanket.  Sammy is still pretty uncertain of himself, so he was unlikely to jump down off the couch or anything. 

My boyfriend returned to the blanket and Sammy, and snuggled into the blanket, wrapping it around himself, the last step being tucking his hands into the blanket.  Throughout this process, Sammy farted a few times inaudibly, but the smell was very evident and my boyfriend thought, "What the heck did he eat?!" because... it was gross.

As he tucked his hands into the blanket, his hand slipped right into a big warm pile of... you know what.  He jumped up and realized it was all down his leg as well; poor Sammy had apparently felt sick, crawled into the folds of the blanket, and just... let go. 

My poor boyfriend related this story to me earlier today while I was eating lunch.  I laughed so loud that people were looking at me funny; big, fat tears of hysteria rolled down my cheeks.

If it had happened to me, he'd have falled over and laughed the same, so I don't feel too bad about it.  :)


Do you know who this is?  That's Garth Ennis, writer of some really, really great comics.  Specifically the one I'm currently obsessing over "The Boys" which I highly recommend to anyone who likes scathingly sarcastic jokes and does not like superheroes that much.  <3 that.


I normally refuse to take photographs of people dressed up at Comic Con (it's a long story why; it also ties into why I won't dress up, not because I don't want to, but because if someone asked to take my photograph, I would have to say NO), but I thought this guy was part of the Con and promoting the panel I was about to attend with the creators of Robot Chicken.  He (she?) was not.  Yes, someone put together that costume themselves for the sole purpose of attending this panel and having Seth Green tell him that his costume was really cool.  (It was a really cool costume, but... still.)


I did manage to take a couple of photographs of the panel, but they were all slightly blurry.  This photo of the projector screen upon which the panel was also being broadcast (the panel was sitting directly to the right of the screen) came out much better.  That's Seth Green on the end, and Breckin Meyer next to him.  They were really, truly hysterical.  It made me wish I paid more attention to TV showtimes so I could actually watch Robot Chicken with some regularity.  (Oops, it was on last night, wasn't it?  Doh!)


And today's lunch bento! 

Top tier: sauteed Shanghai bok choi; sauteed bean sprouts (I made a huge new container of this, don't worry)
Bottom tier: a stray stuffed grape leaf that I just wanted to use up; corn niblets; sesame maple glazed chicken with carrot coins (recipe to come on Feisty Foodie)


Dinner is more of the same, but compacted for ease of travel.

Sauteed Shanghai bok choi; sauteed bean sprouts; sesame maple glazed chicken with carrot coins

As always, happy bento~!!!

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