Monday, February 2, 2009

Feisty Bentos #289 & 290: Yumms Secrets

So, if you're on my Facebook (which some of you are! but not all, so add me!), you know that Friday night, I was looking forward to a steak for dinner, and wasn't sure what to make to go with it. 


Scott Gold (The Shameless Carnivore) suggested a Caesar salad, and I was like, oh, that is perfect.  I'll explain why it was perfect in a minute, but the above is my Caesar - dressing from scratch, homemade garlic English muffin croutons (to use up the English muffins, k!), Pecorino Romano cheese grated on top, and this hit the spot.  Delicious - my Caesar dressing tends to be lemony so this was bright and not heavy at all.  Yum, leading the way for my main course...


my medium rare rib eye.  Delicious.  Perfectly cooked, even though I didn't have my cast iron skillet (lent to my brother, but retrieved on Sunday).  Ahhh, I love me just a little too much sometimes, yes?  (The side is a random can of "Mexicorn" I found hanging out in my cabinet.  Whatever.  Tasty but nothing amazing.  I was hungry and didn't want to wait any longer to eat.)


So, this is why Caesar salad was perfect.  I already had all the ingredients for such in my fridge because... I'd planned on making a big batch of Caesar salad to bring to a SuperBowl party on Sunday!  ("Something healthy, maybe a salad" was the request.  I heard "salad" and went with it.  Healthy vegetables are kind of an oxymoron in my household.)  Pretty good, I think it was a hit, people were eating it anyway.  The wings were from Bon Chon, which... well, let's just say this was my first time eating them and probably my last time, especially after hearing how horribly they treated my friend and her phone-in order.  Whatever. 


Lunch today!  We have four pieces (stacked) of vegetarian duck (it says in that post I wasn't sure if I'd like it; I love the stuff now!), the rest of the carrot kinpira, sauteed bean sprouts, and some more country pork ribs.  Saucy!  I'm hungry.


And here's dinner.  Half an orange that I took from my mom's yesterday, sauteed beansprouts and more vegetarian duck (a package is quite large, so this is good that I'm eating it quickly), and in the jar... "it's a secret" meaning the recipe will be posted on Feisty Foodie soon enough but for right now, I don't want to tell you what it is lest I get harassed for the recipe, plus I just don't feel like it.  Suffice it to say it's delicious and I'm looking forward to eating it tonight before class ;)

Alright ppls it's Monday and we're trying to keep our heads up!  Happy bento~!!!


  1. Yummy yummy Bento dear! Are you a Japanese?Coz Bento is a japanese word...I am starving!

  2. When I saw the pic' of the salad I yelled at the screen "OMG that looks good!" and Pooldad jumped! He thought I was commenting on our kid's soft pretzel hee... I think I may be getting steak and casear salad soon :D - looks so nummy.....

  3. YUM!! You know, I already ate dinner but seeing this pictures is making me hungry anyway!!

  4. I have never figured out what Bentos were all about, but these are great! All this food is making me so hungry! I'm off to make dinner! ;D Take care.

    lvpoohbr2(swap-bot id)