Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trying to Find a Balance

Nope, no bento today. 

I'm trying to find a balance here, between work, school and packing myself food.  It's been a little wonky because:

  1. I don't always need two bentos on days I go to school.  In fact, only on Mondays do I need two (lunch & dinner).
  2. This is because on Tuesdays, I have phys ed class (it's part of the curriculum; please stop laughing!), so yesterday I ate some banana chips and some nuts.  That's probably what I'll be doing from now on in lieu of dinner on Tuesday nights, so no dinner bento.
  3. On Wednesdays, I take a late lunch hour and go to the gym to run.  Today I ate an orange, banana chips, and nuts (and feel super full... ugh)... no lunch bento on these days. 

Yesterday, I decided I didn't want to eat a lunch made of what was in the fridge (a rarity, but it happens), so I planned on trying this new restaurant near my office, which I did.  That translates to no bentos for yesterday.  Also yesterday, I decided that before class tonight, I want to eat at this restaurant near my school, which translates to no bentos for today. 

Yes, a little odd.

Tomorrow and Friday I won't be at work; tomorrow simply because I can, and Friday because I will be attending NY ComiCon all weekend.  So no bentos for the rest of the week!  I didn't mean to abandon you guys, I just kind of shifted things around this week.  Sorry!!!  I'm still here and I'm alive, struggling to juggle everything in my life right now... it's a bit difficult, but it'll happen, I just need to breathe and let time run its course.  Things'll sort themselves out, right?  Right! 


Here's another photo of my basil and random green onion patch.  Basil's doing pretty well but you should see the basil I accidentally gave my mother - two small plants that are now about 8-10" tall each and have leaves that are 3-4" long.  None of mine grow that large!  Craziness!  The green onions just keep sprouting; they die after I cut off the new growth but still!  I've extended the life of my green onions so much!  :)


I saw this when I was on the bus last night; it's hard to read but it says "S & M PHARMACY" and underneath "WE FLAVOR KID'S MEDICINE" which really disturbs me.  Am I sick or is the sign just wrong?!  Gross! 

I will be back on Monday with two bentos!  Until then, happy eating and reading!  (The Feisty Foodie will continue to be updated, so pop on over there for some good eats!)


  1. "WE FLAVOR KID'S MEDICINE" which really disturbs me.

    I guess this is a little odd, until you're the parent of a 2 yo with a raging something or other that requires a perscription medication that tastes like sewer scrapings.

    Wouldn't Nyquill just be a little better if it tasted like watermelon?

  2. Yvo, get someone to guest "bento" for you? LOL...not my family, we are boring, but I know a lot of your friends do awesome stuff...

    oh, and do [skippy]Mom a favor, would ya? Throw a piece of real fruit in with your nut snacks? What, I have to send you your fav' apples or something? lol...banana chips do not count [unless you are dehydrating them yourself :D]

    Hang in'll make it!

  3. Oh you are most definitely sick. Guess that's what I like about you :)

  4. Oh, I'm glad to hear you are busy and not sick. I was worried not seeing you around and then seeing on your Facebook page that it is snowing and such in your neck of the woods. Here's to hoping things smooth out and fall into a good groove as you work it all out! Looking forward to your bentos next week. :)

  5. Little Ol' Liz - lol, no, it wasn't that statement alone that made me cringe. It was that in conjunction with the name of the pharmacy that really... ick.

    SkippyMom - I had an orange! A real, whole orange! :P

    Lisa - hmph ;p

    Jenn - thanks! It did snow all day yesterday, seriously like 12+ hours... it was gross. But I'm not physically sick yet... just exhausted. Which means sick might be not too far behind. Hmm.. time to rest up! Thanks for caring :)

  6. Ah yeah, S&M Pharmacy .. its been there - flavoring children's medicine - for well over 25 years!

  7. We also had in the neighborhood the UN Cleaners and Bagel Around The C_ock (the L fell off and they left the sign like that forever)