Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feisty Bento #288: Tripleat


I'm not particularly excited about lunch because it's a repeat and yes, I actually am a little tired of eating the same 3 things every day. 


So I stuck some picks in it which you can't really see.

BBQ pork country style ribs, pickled daikon, carrot kinpira, sauteed beansprouts

Happy bento!!!


  1. You need to make some sammiches...and soup....a big pot of soup and freeze some of it...

    then you will have it once a week for a month, that wouldn't be so bad? right?

    I love your sandwiches btw. :D
    [Pooldad is making RUEBENS tomorrow night...I am falling in love all over again...I LOVE ruebens]

  2. I agree with SkippyMom. btw dear,you dont eat rice? I love your lunch and it wud be perfect with a plate of! I eat too much rice.

  3. the pics!!

    Kelly ~ CraftyGardenerTN @ Swap-bot