Friday, January 9, 2009

Feisty Bento #274: Duck, duck, duck...

Wow.  Doesn't that look more like the kind of thing I'd post over at Feisty Foodie?  Maybe I should - no, I will - save the rest of the photos then.  I have a lot.  But it's not really anything new - this is basically the same way I make duck in general (with a few recipe tweaks so I could render as much duck fat as possible... to reserve... and cook with... because, who, me?  Make "dieting resolutions" for the new year?  You've got the wrong girl!). 

That was dinner last night. 

So today's bento:

LEFTOVER DUCK!  Hehehe.  And risotto but that wasn't so interesting.  Anyways.  Ahem.

Top tier: red cabbage layered with crushed pineapple on top
Bottom tier: duck slices; risotto

So the top tier.  I had crushed pineapple hanging out in the fridge, and I still have shredded (raw) red cabbage.  I decided to just throw those two together and see if they mellowed by lunchtime - red cabbage raw can be a bit much to eat plain, and I didn't want to add mayo to it to lower the health factor.  And omg! this was really good.  The cabbage retained its crunch, but sweetened a bit from the pineapple juice and acidity leaking into it, and the pineapple was deliciously sweet.  Win! 

As for the duck & risotto - well, this is actually the first time I've packed anything for lunch the night before.  I knew the risotto probably wouldn't be that great come lunchtime, and it was only alright, but whatever.  I loved my lunch today!!! 

Happy bento!!!


  1. Duck! I'm so jealous. I seldom have duck, but love the stuff. Love your recent bentos and the pictures. :)

  2. I'm going to try that cabbage/pineapple idea!! thanks!

  3. I rarely eat duck, but just like flying lily, I'm curious about your pineapple-cabbage mix there. I might try that one soon

  4. Goose! Sorry - had to say it. In San Diego there's a very touristy fish place called Anthony's. I -love- the pineapple coleslaw there but never even thought about recreating the flavors at home. Good call!

  5. What beautiful duck! Wow, quite a lunch to look forward to. I like red cabbage a lot, I'll have to try your pineapple trick.