Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feisty Bento #286 & 287: I don't do sadness


Improving a bit here... even though it snowed overnight and was up a good couple of inches this morning, trudging in the snow was not fun... Ah well!  I managed to clean out half my sink last night (and it was all stuff from the past few days... just NO TIME!) and I just need to put together some extra stuff tonight, should be golden!  I'll get the hang of this.  Just... make the weather be nice, please?!

Left to right: country pork ribs with BBQ sauce on top... carrot kinpira... sauteed bean sprouts. 

Not particularly interesting but delicious and filling nonetheless.  That's what's important right now.


Dinner tonight.  From my freezer stash of recent slow cooker items...

Jar: ribollita
Left cup: sauteed bean sprouts
Right cup: carrot kinpira

Something different and still yummy.  I'm also keen to see if it'll still be at least warm 10-11 hours after I packed it.  Hahahaha.  What do you think?  I'd be really happy if it were!!! 

Happy bento~!!!  (and thanks for dealing with my grumpiness the past few days!)

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