Monday, January 12, 2009


Oh man, right after I basically wrote a love letter to my lunch jar set, I went to eat my lunch and... I've done this before, but usually it's not a big deal at all (probably because it's usually me trying to pack as much rice as possible in there on top of the curry), but I must have overfilled it just slightly with the wet ribollita... and the damn thing leaked a bit all over the inside of my insulated bag!  Worse, it's oily, so I don't know how to wash it (any suggestions?  I'm pretty sure the Japanese tag inside says no machine washing...)... and it even managed to seep through a bit into my tote bag!  Luckily, it's a freebie tote bag that I lug around since it's ginormous and fits everything I need on workdays, but still! 

I emphasize this is my fault, but let this be a warning to you all: really, do not overfill these jars!!!  You will regret it!  Just pack it accordingly and you'll be fine - grrr on me!