Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feisty Bento #279: Seven Different Kinds of Food!


Breakfast this morning... I've been making myself a breakfast sandwich, wrapping it in tinfoil, then eating them at work.  Partially because I don't want to eat and then get on the bus (after the infamous incident of '95 where I um... on a rude passenger on the subway... more on that later, after the food), but partially because this brand of sliced American cheese sucks and doesn't melt.  Well, today was the first time it melted all the way, but probably because after I sealed it in the tinfoil, I plopped it into my insulated lunch bag for transportation with my bento, so maybe that's why.  I'm a big Kraft singles girl (individually wrapped slices of American cheese are great to have in the fridge because they take ages to go bad - I've actually never seen any go bad, and I keep them forEver - and because they're handy for a quick grilled cheese sandwich), but these were purchased by someone else and given to me at the end of, um, a ski trip last February... we didn't use all of it for our burgers.  To be honest, though, the expiration date still hasn't passed, so I don't feel too crazy for keeping the cheese.  Oh, the brand is Borden - I'm going to stick with Kraft from now on, because it melts up much more easily.  Yums.

Oh, the sandwich is a toasted English muffin...
I melted butter in a small heavy bottomed skillet, then added some diced red onions I had hanging out, then 10 washed grape tomatoes, letting them heat until they burst into deliciousness, added one beaten egg with a dash of salt and some hot sauce, scrambled it all together, then added fresh cilantro (YES SKIPPYMOM I STILL HAVE, and there's another bunch in the fridge that hasn't even been touched yet!... told you, I have issues with fresh herbs!)... then topped my toasted English muffin with a slice of cheese and the hot eggs.  Yummers!

Now, here's a silly question about English muffins I actually asked a few days ago in a private conversation, but Laura brought my attention to it again:
Why are they called English muffins?  What makes them English, exactly?  Wouldn't an English muffin be a scone?  (Though she mentioned crumpets, I don't really know what that is or anything.) 


Again, 7 different kinds of [food] (I wrote veggies yesterday, but two of the 7 were not veggies, lol)! 

Top left, going down: pickled daikon; marinated spicy cuttlefish; sauteed cabbage
Next to that: a line of sauteed mungbean sprouts
Next to that: spicy chicken
Next to that: 3 pieces of Woorijip gimbap, and a broccoli floret

Seven different kinds of food!  Hehe yes I'm a dork.  And yes, it's from "You, Me & Dupree" although I don't think that movie's target audience is teenage boys, it's a romantic comedy!  My favorite fluff movie style, hehe, it was on TBS this past weekend :)

Nom nom nom... happy bento!!!

Oops, forgot the story I alluded to earlier; it goes like this, and it's a FeistyFamily favorite: I used to commute to high school, about an hour and a half each way.  One day, my lovely father decided I should be eating breakfast, since I was a growing child in his eyes and it was good for concentration or something like that.  He made me a delicious breakfast of bacon, sunny side up eggs, and toast or maybe hash browns, I don't remember, but this was basically my favorite breakfast at the time.  So I devoured it and got on the subway.  Now this heavy meal is fine and dandy on a weekend morning, afterwhich you just laze about and watch Saturday morning cartoons or do chores even, but something gurgled in my stomach as I boarded the 2nd train at my transfer point.  I began feeling sick and the train was especially crowded - more so than usual - this morning, so I finally asked the man seated in front of me, a businessman in a business suit no doubt on his way to Wall Street, which was the stop after mine, if he would mind giving me his seat for a stop because I felt sick.  He laughed in my face and said no.  I don't recall why I didn't ask someone else, or why no one else offered because at this point, I turned a bright shade of green (I'm assuming) and proceeded to throw up on this businessman.

Normally the story would end here, and it does except he started screaming at me (do you blame him?) and my stop came so I got off the train, and he was yelling for me to pay for his dry cleaning, which I couldn't afford anyway.  Oops :X


  1. Ha! Karma bites business man in the business end.

    I love that your dad meant so well...

  2. My kid's not weird, he's .... unique! No seriously, they love that stuff. Besides ... Kate Hudson.

  3. Just because I was curious of your question, I went and found the answer.

    English muffins are believed to be an attempt at a crumpet by an English immigrant but using more baking powder. Crumpets are thicker and often made with potato flour. Scones are like biscuits.

    That businessman will think twice about giving his seat up to someone who doesn't feel well in the future. :)

  4. English muffins are a leavened bread that is cooked on the stove top (single heat source) rather than baked in an oven. The rather wet, sticky dough is placed in forms on a skillet and allowed to cook, much like a pancake and then they are flipped to brown the other side. They are actually quite easy to make from scratch if you happen to have some forms. Legend has it that Wolferman's English muffins were originally made in tuna tins which is why they are so thick.

  5. In England, English muffins are just called muffins. I'm guessing they're called 'English muffins' in America to distinguish from the sweet chocolate chip (i.e. American) kind.

    A crumpet is something different. As is a scone.

  6. It makes me wonder if anyone who attempted to answer your question was actually english but it gave me a giggle anyway.

    In england, english muffins are called.... prepare yourselves... English muffins.
    Muffins are a cake with stuff in that people in america recognise as muffins too. As for being like a crumpet or scone well.. i would describe an english muffin as more like a bread bun. A scone is a type of cake (but i agree it is similar in method to "biscuits"- which i say in quotes as biscuits here are cookies to you O_O) and crumpets are usually a snack item which is a dense breadlike round with dimples in it... they're always reminded me of sponges to be honest :)
    Hope that helps a bit! Love the blog :) i'm a big fan of feisty foodie having read it cover to cover in a few sittings originally so to speak but have never read this one religiously :) maybe that needs to be changed!

    Sam :)

  7. I got Wolfermans english muffins as a gift. The original brand is sub-standard and has a noticable generic tang to them. Of course they are a very thick muffin, but are you paying a higher cost for thickness or quality of taste here? If you ever eat a Mcdonalds english muffin the taste is similar.