Friday, January 2, 2009

Feisty Bento #269: When Leftovers Go Bad

Like I said... I have no qualms eating leftovers.  Except in this case...

Top tier: roasted butternut squash; sauteed spinach
Bottom tier: plain pulled pork; flash cooked broccoli

Yeah, so I was eating this, when the butternut squash, I decided, smelled a little sour.  Not a lot, you see, but just a touch.  I mean, it was a week old at that point, so it wasn't too surprising, right?  The spinach, being in such close quarters, I decided to throw away as well.  Sure, it almost pained me to waste food, except I knew I'd be in greater pain if I ate it, so I left it at 3 bites (before I decided I wasn't imagining the sour smell).  I ate some Raisinets to make up for the empty stomach feeling.  The other tier was fine, but it was also the last of everything... sort of.  :)

Sorry, I know I'm posting this late, but happy bento~!!!

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