Monday, January 5, 2009

Feisty Bento #270: It's a secret

So, I said that wasn't the last of it, but this is, I promise.  My Friday night - a cold Stewart's Birch Beer (zOMG, delicious, dare I say - better than their root beer?!), the last of the pulled pork, sauced with my spicy BBQ sauce, the last of the flash cooked broccoli, and... well, boxed mac & cheese.  There are all these boxes hanging out, getting in the way - purchased for my non-cooking boyfriend, who actually prefers this to real mac & cheese - so I made it really quickly.  I didn't have all the ingredients on hand for the real deal, anyway, so this came to be a really quick meal... I overstuffed myself on everything and enjoyed a quiet night on the couch with my bestest cuddle buddy in the whole world, Keywee.  Mmm.

The rest of the weekend, spent cleaning, cooking up a storm, just relaxing... so I won't share pictures until those recipes are up on Feisty Foodie ;)

Today's bento:

The unfortunate thing about bento'ing (and making lots of food with lots of leftovers all the time) and posting immediately... while posting on a delayed schedule on Feisty Foodie... is that a lot of times, I don't want to tell you all the details of what's in something until I've posted about it over there.  Sigh.  That makes it really hard to post my lunches here as quickly as I like to! 

So... here we go:

Left cup: it's a secret, but if you don't know what that is, there may be something else for you to read elsewhere, lol
Right cup: shredded carrot & broccoli stem kinpira (love this, easy to make, slight heat at the end, and great way to use up the broccoli stem that I didn't use already...)
Jar: it's a secret

Yup, that's my secret lunch.  Hahahaha.  Sorry!

Happy bento!!!


  1. Oh man, I haven't had birch beer in years. It's so tasty... I have such a craving now!!

  2. Keywee is super cute! And darn you with your secrets!

  3. Keywee is super cute! And darn you with your secrets!

  4. Looks lovely! :) Which bento gear are you using? I'm looking for something that I can bring lots of soup in, but the tiny soup portion of my Mr. Bento is not going to be enough. I've been reading lots of reviews for single container lunch jars, etc... but I'm having a hard time deciding.


  5. Well heck...

    Okay, I got it...a secret! Two things...the birch beer? I LOVE that stuff and forgot it existed [you have now forced Pooldad to go on a hunt for that LOL] and Keywee? So cute! I didn't realize that was her name. I love it.

    You would've laughed Sunday night in our house - The oldest was all geeked out that she could return to making bento [they have been on break for two weeks]So we are back to our nightly bento fests :D.

    I really have to thank you because they eat so much healthier since they started this.

    but hurry and tell us the secret...I have to know what it is the dumpling...looks nummy.

  6. LitVit - I wish you'd left your email address so I could write to you directly! I have a lot to say on lunch jars in general. I'll post a bit about them today :)

  7. Yvo,
    Thank you for bringing to my attention that I should fill out my profile for blogger! I've done so now. I look forward to your thoughts on lunch jars on the blog, or feel free to e-mail me directly at litvamp at gmail dot com. :)

  8. LitVit - awesome, thanks for that, it's so helpful - I mean that genuinely - when I can take a peek at people's profiles ;)
    I posted extensively about lunch jars today - - it's a lot to read so if you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I'll try to answer as best I can. I'm super verbose as I'm sure you can see.
    PS I'm a Scorpio too ;)