Friday, January 16, 2009

Feisty Bento #277: Soup for me

Dinner last night, which doesn't look that appetizing, and to be honest, wasn't.  I mean it was okay and all but it could have been so much better.  Bah.  I also discovered I'm not a big fan of "French cut green beans" so I'm going to stop buying them.  Haha.  That's good though!  That I figured that out, anyway.

NONfrozen cup of Mandarin oranges - DOLE BRAND, so if you buy the DOLE BRAND... don't freeze them!  I didn't eat this though, but you'll see why in a minute.

In the silicone cup, sauteed Romaine lettuce (looking a little sad but this is quite delicious, I assure you), grape tomatoes, and a scone with strawberry preserves (I cut it in half, swiped some preserves on, then closed it back up - not a good idea as when I tried to pry it apart, it wouldn't let the preserves come off evenly the way I'd spread it, so one side had them all and the other none; I had to eat it like a sandwich, which I don't like!). 

I didn't eat the Mandarin oranges for two reasons:

This is what the TV said this morning (our local channel that 1- is only on cable [ie, not sattellite, and actually, only on TIME WARNER CABLE, not any other cable company] and 2- deals specifically with the 5 boroughs of NYC, not Long Island, not New Jersey, nowheres but NYCs, youse got it?).  Ummm.... yeah, which led to the second reason:

Yeah, I got down to the cafeteria (where I eat my bento every day) and noticed they had New England clam chowder on the menu, so I snagged a cup.  I was too full after eating everything but the oranges so I didn't eat them.  Sigh.  The soup wasn't even that good, although at $2.28 (they raised the prices slightly), it wasn't that expensive at least.  Bad for my waistline I bet though!  Good in this frigid weather though.  Sadface.

And because I can, I'm going to post a picture of my breakfast.

Sunny side up (perfectly cooked! without any sort of tomfoolery!) on an English muffin, cooked in butter and topped with cilantro (sorry SkippyMom -  bought two bunches cuz it was 2/$1, and I always wind up wasting some fresh herbs when I buy them, so I've been just throwing it in/on everything; I even mixed it into a container of crushed pineapple I was eating and it was surprisingly delicious! - if you like that verdant flavor of cilantro).  My one regret is - um, it turns out English muffins are MEANT to be toasted, because if you don't, they're soft and taste like uncooked flour and gross.  Otherwise, delicious. 

Ok everyone, stay warm and have an excellent long weekend (long for me anyways, I have MLK Day off) - HAPPY BENTO~!!!


  1. Thank you for the cilantro apology - looks gorgeous but I find it so strong!

    Now, about the english muffins - you are kidding right? You knew they had to be toasted, but you were rushed? or something?

    They are so bleech if you don't toast them, sorry you had to experience that - the eggs look SO good....I want to make eggs benedict this weekend...I love eggs benedict [although that is poached]

    Let me know what recipes you want and I will send them along :D so you can fix 'em up and show me how to do it better - I think that is a far swap, eh? :D

  2. Nice looking breakfast egg!! I can't do that. Just to scare you New Yorkers, our low yesterday was minus 28. (northern MN)

  3. Y'know, I've lived in England my whole life, yet it was only a week ago I tried an 'English Muffin' for the first time.

    I think that crumpets are so much better. Mmmm crumpets.

    And I do occasonally induldge my british-ness and actually go the whole hog with tea and scones and jam and clotted cream. Mmmmm too!.

    Damn, I'm semi 'dieting' (Hate that word) and shouldn't be thinking of cream and scones.

    Laura Mc x x