Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feisty Bento #284 & 285: Trying Ain't Doing


I got home at a reasonable-ish time last night, a little before 11, and managed to whip up two batches of veggies for the week (for both dinner and bento), bean sprouts and carrot kinpira.  Pleased with myself, I went to sleep and plotted out today's bento... spaghetti in a lunch jar, veggies, and some other stuff.

Well, I woke up a little bit late and then didn't start packing my lunch immediately because I knew it should be quick.  I was heating the spaghetti, went to pre-heat my lunch jar, then opened it up and...

this is gross, ok?

Apparently, the last time I'd used that jar, I didn't wash it, and just put it to the side.  I thought I'd washed it, so I had it on the side for a while, still in the bag, still just sitting there, patiently waiting for me to open it... *grimace* 

So I panicked and threw the spaghetti in this take out container because the other lunch jar (I have two, excluding Mr. Bento, which is too big for everyday use) was in the sink - I know that one is unwashed, because I haven't had any TIME... and I figured at least this way, I can microwave my spaghetti.  But of course, this means no veggies with my lunch... sadface. 

I did make a slightly better dinner bento, which won't be heated because no microwave at school (that I know of... in fact, I don't even know if we have a cafeteria...), but whatever.  I'll have real food.


 Sauteed bean sprouts, carrot kinpira, and BBQ country style pork ribs

I'm exhausted still... and I have a mountain of dishes in the sink that need to be taken care of!!!  Ack!!! 

Happy bento!!!

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  1. Oh lord. I did the same thing with that little green thermal jar I use sometimes. I had another so I didn't even try to clean it up. It couldn't have been more disgusting!