Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feisty Bento #278: 7 Kinds of Smoke... errr, veggies

I had a long weekend (Monday off for MLK day) and my brain is mush, but here's some random blather.


What is this cake box doing on my messy dining table on a Friday night when it's just me and a DVD (and the snuggle buddy of a lifetime, my baby, my dog)?


Easy there, I didn't go nuts and decide to eat a whole cake.  It's my dinner - a tostada salad from a local place I've always just walked by.  Check it out!  Loaded up with "Tex-Mex Chili" they called it, cheese, pickled jalapenos (which I'm discovering I can eat when mixed into other stuff, with a light kick, yum!), tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole... a bit pricy at $8.25 (for the bowl plus a side of guacamole) but pretty tasty.  The shell was a little greasy, but it's deep fried, what do you expect.  And it wasn't fresh fried, because it took about 5 minutes from time of order to receiving my order.  Not bad, I'd order again from this place, but not this because the oil was a bit too much.


Breakfast Saturday morning... the one on the left with the sunny side up egg is mine, right is the BF's with his scrambled egg.  TOASTED English muffin ;) I wrapped these up in tinfoil and then we headed out, I wish I could tell you to do something more interesting than what we did, but... just to watch our newest baby (another puppy)... and then off to a bday dinner for my brother.

I did not take pictures during dinner, and though I did take more pictures of food throughout the weekend, those will have to wait.  Sorry!


Today's bento actually features - gasp! - 7 items.  The bottom tier is smushed together but... yeah.

Top tier: rice mixed with tamago furikake; "salt & pepper" pork chops leftover from Saturday night's dinner
Bottom tier: Napa cabbage sauteed with water, a bit of olive oil and scallions; roasted butternut squash with garlic, maple syrup and pancetta; sauteed Romaine lettuce; broccoli florets flash cooked; sauteed mungbean sprouts

I crammed that all in there and it was delicious.

Happiest of bentos!!!

PS If you get the reference in the title, we probably watch the same kinds of movies, lol.

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  1. We watch the same kind of movies. Of course I have a 16 yr old son, so at least I have an excuse :)