Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feisty Bento #268: Happy New Year!!!

Spicy pulled pork; flash cooked broccoli; roasted butternut squash; spinach sauteed in garlic.

Clearly, I have not mastered the art of cooking for only one.  Thankfully, I have no issues eating the same thing throughout the week, provided it was delicious to begin with (and mostly, since I began cooking for only one, everything is cooked exactly to my tastes, so this makes it even easier).  I really need to learn that it's okay to finish everything I make in one meal.  Not having leftovers is okay...

The view out the bus window this morning.  It's snowing.  Hard.  Fast.  Not sure if it's sticking yet, but it's been non-stop all day.  Sigh. 

Have a happy and SAFE new year, everyone!!!  Cheers to a new year full of laughter, happiness, and good food (optionally set in small portions inside cute little plastic boxes with accessories)!!! ;)


  1. An Irish blessing --
    May your nets always be full,
    Your pockets never empty,
    Your horse not cast a shoe,
    Nor the devil look at you
    in the coming year!

  2. Your pulled pork always looks soooo good! Do you have a recipe?

  3. That looks delicious! Happy New Year and may it be filled with good things just like a well-packed bento box!

  4. Lovely looking pulled pork! And a safe, happy, tasty New Year to you too!