Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feisty Bento #262: Let it snow, I've got Japanese curry!

Dinner last night - I managed to get home closer to 6 than I'd ever thought possible, so I quickly made Japanese curry.  This was the apple curry by S&B that I adore, medium hot; at the last minute, I decided to be cute and add some sliced up Fuji apples.  I left them big, thinking that would be better, but after tasting, I think next time I'll grate them so instead of just smelling them in the sauce, I'll actually taste them... I actually ate two bowls of this, it was SOOO good!!!  *tears of joy*  I love when things come together properly :)

Of course that means I had to have some for lunch today...

Left cup: miso mushrooms; sesame sauteed cabbage with some sesame seeds sprinkled on for looks
Right cup: peeled and halved small navel orange - look, I actually have fruit today!!!
Jar: curry on the bottom, rice lid on top to keep it warm and not get soggy :)

Oh, that hit the spot.  Especially considering this, which was the view out the window while I ate my lunch:

Yes, it was snowing crazily and hard today, but doubtful it stuck.  Fluffy flakes coming down fast is all.  But hot Japanese curry while watching the snow fall?  AWESOME.