Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feisty Bento #252: Thanksgiving again, yes

Another Thanksgiving based bento... and boy, was this one DELICIOUS.

Toasted white bread, a smear of homemade cranberry sauce, slices of roasted turkey breast, scoop of stuffing pushed down on top, and then gravy spread across that.  Don't mind the uneven cut, I was cutting between the turkey slices so no little pieces would fall out later when I ate it.

On the side, I lined the box with plastic wrap because I was in a hurry and in no mood to look for food cups - sauteed mushrooms, brussels sprouts with bacon, and the last of the butternut squash I roasted. 

I probably could have or should have used this new box, but I was rushing around and this box was on top, so this one it was.  Not sure the other one would have fit my sandwich anyway :)

A better picture of this sandwich is forthcoming on Feisty Foodie (Monday), when I post about my Thanksgiving in great detail...


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