Monday, December 1, 2008

Feisty Bento #251: Thanksgiving Redux

Not that much to look at, but oh boy was that delicious.  Good eatin' on the first day back after a 4 day weekend :)

I had a glorious Thanksgiving, and will be posting it in great detail on Feisty Foodie, but for now, here's just a little taste:

Top tier: butternut squash roasted with pancetta, maple syrup, and whole garlic cloves; brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon; carrots sauteed with butter
Bottom tier: slices of turkey, mashed potatoes, smothered in mushroom giblet gravy

Dude.  So.  Awesome.  The only thing I'll change for tomorrow is probably cutting up the turkey meat a bit further - it was a little annoying to fork, bite a piece, then remove the piece from my fork so I could scoop some mashed potatoes up to eat with it - I left the pieces a little too large to just eat.  Ah well.


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  1. oooohhh, so awesome looking! and making me hungry already this morning!