Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feisty Bento #267: Spicy Pulled Pork

This picture hasn't much to do with today's bento, except... well, it doesn't.  It's just what I ate for dinner last night, I wanted to brag a little bit.  Can you blame me?  Look at that gorgeous bowl of noodles.  Nom nom NOM NOM NOM.  Turkey broth, a bit of miso paste, shiitake mushrooms, brought to a simmer, then I added some of that pulled pork (sauceless) to the broth to heat through and get some porky essence in there; added broccoli, then removed it quickly to prevent mush-ifying; then added the udon and let that cook.  I ladled it all over a bed of shredded red cabbage for added flavor and crunch.  Delicious.  I was very pleased last night.

Top:  spinach sauteed with garlic; spicy BBQ pulled pork
Bottom: sticky rice; roasted butternut squash; broccoli (cooked the same was as described above)

I don't have a recipe for the sticky rice, since I didn't make it... but I will hopefully have one soon from the girl who made it, because it was really delicious! 

Happy bento~!!!


  1. The noodles look really, really tasty!

  2. Gorgeous presentation! Beautiful noodle bowl! :)