Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feisty Bento #257: Ghetto Fabulous Leftovers

What is that, you might ask.  Well, I would tell you, yesterday was National Brownie Day, and as such, Treats Truck was out in the Financial District celebrating in full force!  I stupidly did not take a photo of the full offerings, but walked away $3 lighter with this caramel brownie in a white paper bag clutched in my freezing cold hand.  Yesterday's temps of low20s is NO JOKE.  I wouldn't have gone out if I weren't lured by this... and next week, Cupcake Day?  I'll be there again, hoping to sample my first conecake... *drool 

(That top oozy layer? was super oozy while I bit into it, almost dripping down the sides as I came away with a bite of the rich, dense, chocolatey dessert.  Less caramel-y than I'd like, and still not the best brownie I've eaten, but... it was nice to eat while watching HIMYM last night.)

Yums! Yeah, I know, another sandwich.  I like sandwiches -- is that a bad thing?!

Top: carrots sauteed in basil butter; homemade cole slaw (recipe forthcoming after I tweak it); celery sauteed with chorizo
Bottom: roast beef sandwich on slider roll with tomato & arugula

Hey, times are hard.  A meeting in the conference room next to where I sit at work ended, and someone came by to tell me there was a ton of food left.  It looked like half the food hadn't been touched!  So I took a couple of sandwiches for dinner, and this one made it out alive.  I like the roast beef sandwiches here, though usually they put something besides arugula on them. 

Happy bento~!!!

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