Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feisty Bento #264: Repeat

Update on my green onions that I just stuck in dirt and started growing.  I killed one of them accidentally -I was pruning a dry papery piece and when I pulled on it, the inside was hollow, the whole thing collapsed, shriveled up and died.  I've never killed a plant actually so I feel really bad about it.  But look at the two that are still alive!  Pretty ridiculous growth, eh?  This window (taken at night, so you don't get a really good idea unfortunately) doesn't even get direct sunlight!  The mint is dying, though I didn't kill it... I'm not sure why it started drying up!  But basil is still going strong.  I just plucked off a ton of those basil leaves like a week or two ago and cooked with them :)

Same as yesterday's

Woorijip spicy chicken; miso mushrooms; sesame sauteed cabbage.


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  1. Those mushrooms are making me want to marinate some for the kids' bentos. mmmmm...and the purple cabbage? that is just wild looking - probably the only person I could get to eat it is Pooldad.

    Only b/c he is colorblind. Srsly.