Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feisty Bento #188: Miso Mushrooms!!!

Breakfast this morning.  I used the same bread but this time, added a slick of mayo, two slices of smoked turkey (Trader Joe's), slices of hearty tomato, and basil freshly plucked from my fully blooming basil plant.  Before I lay them down, however, to get them to release some essence first, I rolled the basil leaves and crushed them in my hand.  It tasted phenomenal.  Tomorrow morning will be turkey, pepperjack, and tomato, though; I learned my lesson about mixing fresh herbs with pepperjack cheese...

YUMMY bento... and yes I still have fried rice for tomorrow's bento LOL but no more kalbi after today...

Top tier: garlic stem banchan bacon fried rice; last piece of kalbi, sliced up
Bottom tier: white miso mushrooms!!!; marinated cuttlefish; seaweed salad

Ooh, so I bought white button mushrooms a few days ago, figuring I can always add it to soup or eggs or whatever to make something delicious and bento-able, right?  But I made something far more delicious than I thought I could possibly dream up...

I sliced up the button mushrooms, heated a heavy bottom skillet over low heat, then plopped in some butter.  Mine actually browned a bit, which may have made these taste extra delicious, but either way should be fine.  I tossed in a generous teaspoon of shiro miso (white miso; I use Miko brand, but you could probably use regular miso too), stirred that around, and that browned a bit too, but then I added all of the mushrooms and stir-stir-stirred.  After a long while, the mushrooms gave off their water, which combined and helped melt down the miso further, though you can probably see from the above picture that there were still splotches of miso in places, but that's cool. 

When I tried one, I thought yeah they'll taste good, but I was blown away by just HOW good they taste... omg, seriously, try this.  And sooo bento-able! 


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  1. Mmmm, I love miso mushrooms :). Glad you stumbled upon this delicacy!