Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feisty Bento #191: New and Old

So last night, I was experimenting with some new ingredients for cooking and both of my test recipes came out EXCELLENT!  I was super happy with that... I mean, I thought if anything, they'd come out alright or unnoticeable... but they came out really tasty, and the new ingredient was prominently taste-able.  Yummy!  So I'm happy about that...

Unfortunately one of the dishes came out really ugly... have to fix that.

Sigh.  Is that ugly or what?

Thankfully, sliced up, it isn't so bad!

But I need to cut out the pretzels... not good for me.  And I've been drinking - gasp - caloried drinks... not good!  *tugs at pants*  Gotta lose weight...!


Top tier: seaweed salad; marinated cuttlefish; dark chocolate covered pretzels
Bottom tier: the last of the miso mushrooms; kickin' chicken; and my new recipe: tea-infused pork chops with blueberry/pomegranate gravy

I'll be posting the recipe later.  Sounds a bit weird or a bit gross?  Don't worry, I promise it is ultra-lish!  (lish = my new word for delicious)

Happy bento!!!

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  1. it sounds good...tea infused and all....it probably needed just a little browning and then something red or green.....