Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feisty Bento #187: Yumminess abounds!

I woke up extra early this morning- to make sure I had a great day, I made myself a huge breakfast.  Unfortunately it looks much better than it tasted.  The bread failed me miserably.  Boo.  Olive oil & garlic ciabatta from Trader Joe's, only it wasn't really ciabatta, much softer than ciabatta (which is almost crispy on the outside, with a good chewy crust), though the inside was airy much like ciabatta.  Oh well.  Just as well, I'm not sure how well a chewier bread would pair up with eggs anyway.  Scrambled eggs with a dash of hot sauce, salt, pepper, and heavy cream - hehe decadence - and then a slice of pepperjack cheese.  Oh, the yum. 

Top tier: garlic stem bacon fried rice; cut up kalbi
Bottom tier: seaweed salad; dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe's; marinated cuttlefish banchan

Yummy!  Can't wait for lunch!!!

Happy bento!!!


  1. Oh, man! I haven't seen chocolate covered pretzles in ages! I really wish we had Trader Joe's around here.

  2. I love eggs. Sorry your bread didn't work out. The bread really does make the sandwich.