Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feisty Bento #198: Leftover Steak

Last night's dinner - perfectly medium rare.  Shoulder sirloin (it was on sale; can you tell I can't resist a good sale on meat?!) and I kept thinking I needed to marinate it or something in order to get something tender and tasty.  Not so, said Alton Brown.  I used this recipe almost to the letter, unusual for me, I know, but I was feeling lazy.  Mostly I just used a lot of salt and some pepper, since it's a very simple recipe, you really need to use extra salt to make the meat sing for you.  And sing it does - tasty, still very juicy and tender, I thinly sliced it using my Wusthof chef's knife (aka my everyday knife)... I think I could even make some delicious steak sandwiches with this and some ciabatta...  So easy and tasty.

Today's bento.

Top tier: leftover steak
Bottom tier: cucumber and tomato salad; tea infused pasta salad

The cucumber tomato salad is basically the same marinated tomatoes as yesterday with chopped seedless/English hothouse cucumbers and one clove of garlic, minced, mixed in as well.  Man, my breath is ROCKIN' from this, but it was totally awesome and worth it :)

Happy bento!!!


  1. Awesome looking steak! I'm so craving steak now!

  2. That is a fascinating way to cook pasta. In tea...interesting!

    By the way, TAG!

  3. Oh mama, that's my kinda lunch :)