Monday, July 14, 2008

Feisty Bento #190: Weekend in Food, and a New Product

Weekend in Food...

Dinner on Friday - 15 whole grain bread, pepper jack cheese, thickly sliced tomato, smoked turkey, and a bit of mayo.  YUM.

Dinner on Saturday - yummy!  From this place, though this time, the pita was served hot.  Yay!

A shut out last night.  That makes their 9th straight win.  *squee*  I love my team.  And yes, that's DW at bat =P


Top tier: seaweed salad; marinated cuttlefish; dark chocolate covered pretzels
Bottom tier: Ajinomoto brand kara age (seasoned fried chicken, boneless); Ajinomoto brand gyoza (pork & chicken).  Tonkatsu sauce in the pig in case the chicken isn't that good, and Ajinomoto brand gyoza sauce in the little tomato bottle.

I love Ajinomoto brand gyoza!  The other day, I happened to see a bag of the kara age in the frozen section and picked up a bag.  Kind of expensive, at $5-6 for a bag of less than 20 pieces, but kara age is not something I foresee myself making, and it's nice to have a bag in the freezer for days when I'm strapped for stuff.  You know how I have to have protein in my bento.  Well, this is perfect.  I admit, I wound up making too much (the above is 3 pieces - one a lot larger than most of the pieces in the bag - and the instructions were how to make 5 pieces, so I made 5 thinking that'd be a decent amount) so I ate the two pieces "leftover".  It was pretty good - crisped up nicely in my toaster oven, and very flavorful.  I don't like using frozen/packaged food too often but I think this will do nicely in a pinch for a protein.

Happy bento!!!

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