Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feisty Bento #186: Anniversary Bento

How was my 4th of July weekend...?  BBQ, fireworks by the bridge, BBQ again at my sister's, more food, and then playing tour guide around the city on Sunday... I didn't realize I knew so much about the Financial District.  Random stuff you pick up along the way, really... But I guess it is one of the most rife-with-history areas in NYC, considering it's probably one of, if not the, oldest section... (I mean, it dates back to Dutch times!) 

Picture taken from my bus... see under the bridge?  It's a waterfall!  NYC Waterfalls, to be exact. 

Still on the bus... free standing waterfall, looks stupid and look how much water is going into the parking lot.  Sorry. My 2c.

Late night snack on the 4th... this, from a Greek diner, was only OKAY... and then I got really sick later that night.  Maybe that was from too much vodka though?

Sunday's lunch, plate #1, at our standby buffet place... they're getting funky with the sushi!  Pretty darn tasty though.  You see the one up top, left of the inari?  It had caviar on top... and was huge, but you couldn't really bite it to eat it, it would just fall apart.. so I put the whole damn thing in my mouth.  Hahaha.  It was... interesting... trying to chew it, with no room for my tongue to move... lol.

Plate #2... yum yum... some of this stuff... actually more than half the stuff here fell very flat unfortunately... the tuna I liked so much last time was really blah this time!  The only two good parts of the above dish were the Peking duck, of course, and the kalbi/short rib on the bottom.  Boo...

And, of course... bento!!!  YUMMY!!!

In honor of the anniversary of my first bento ever, I decided to pack some kalbi!  Of course, having learned my lesson the first time, I heated it through, sliced it, and let it cool, so the oil won't still be hard and gross later for lunch, and it'll be easy to eat...

Top tier: marinated cuttlefish banchan; grapes
Bottom tier: (see below); kalbi, sliced up

A week or two back, I purchased garlic stem banchan, a spicy bunch of green-bean looking things that had red sauce gooped on.  I've eaten these before and enjoyed them- a different maker, but these were way too spicy for me, and I couldn't eat more than a few pieces with lots of white rice before tearing up and sweating so much I couldn't see.  I decided to cook with them, one of the ways my mom tames down kimchi that has gotten way too spicy for her (though she usually puts it in soup). 

Basically a variation on my bacon fried rice recipe... (which is quite outdated, as I've made this dish several more times since, each time making it better!)

Scramble one egg; remove from pan and set aside.  5 slices of bacon, chopped, heat in a frying pan over low heat to let more fat render.  When it's crisp, push to one side, add diced onions.  Add rice into bacon fat, and let coat, sizzle nicely until the rice is heated through.  Add garlic stems, making sure you get all the red sauce as well.  Add scrambled egg.  Stir together and let the red meld with all the rice... turn off heat, serve and enjoy!  I snipped a bit of green onions to go on top.

The result is still spicy, with a bit of smoky background from the bacon, and super delicious.

Happy bento!!!

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