Monday, July 28, 2008

Feisty Bento #196: Baked egg because I love me

More photos of my weekend, mostly in food, but first, a baseball fun photo:

This is a photo of DW winding up right before his solo HR yesterday.  Man, what a game, Beltran singles, Tatis homers, then Easley singles, so Castro homers, the pitcher even got into it (his first RBI), and that's all before a single out in the top of the 6th!  AWESOME!  Johan Santana pitched a complete game, and that's really rare these days... he was averaging 10 pitches an inning, which is really low... only allowed 3 hits the whole game, one of which was a solo homer by Pujols... boo... but still, GREAT GAME!!!  And I FINALLY got a shot of DW as he's about to hit a home run, which I've been hoping for all season!!!  Just about halfway through and my wish comes true!!!  Hehe!

Ok, back to food:

Breakfast on Saturday: gyoza, baked egg, salmon & salmon roe, miso soup.  Yummy.  (Ignore my messy coffee table; I get great light out there so I took the picture there instead of in the kitchen with so-so light.)

Lunch on Saturday @ Roll-n-Roaster (Brooklyn location; Manhattan location is now closed): roast beef with cheese, fries, corn tots,... mmmmmmmmm.  (This is for two people, you can't see his sandwich, and we didn't finish all the food, boo.)

Part of dinner on Saturday: veal francese.  Ughhh, so good.  (I'm hungry right now, can you tell?)

Lunch on Sunday: homemade sake oyako don (finally!) though the rice came out crappy.  And yes, that's the last of the salmon and roe - I froze the salmon after a day because I knew I wouldn't be able to use it all right away.  Anyway, this was soooooooo good.... so 'lish.  *drool*

And, bento.  So hungry... why can't I just eat you right now... sigh.

Top tier: egg baked (in a mold I got during this shopping trip and am using for the first time) over pasta salad
Bottom tier: gyoza with gyoza sauce

Happy bento!!!

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