Friday, December 12, 2008

Feisty Bentos #258, 259 and 260

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been eating... I hadn't intended for my mini-hiatus to also apply to my bento site, but I guess it did!  Anyway, here are the 3 bentos I ate during this period.

Feisty Bento #258
Top tier: pork fried rice; celery sauteed with chorizo
Bottom tier: pork belly with bean sauce; chicken & broccoli

Ummm... yeah.  I don't really go to take-out Chinese places, but BF wanted Chinese food, and lord knows I don't cook Chinese food often... so I picked a place nearby that looked more authentic Chinese than takeout, but they did takeout as well.  Review will come after I've eaten there a few more times, but these are the leftovers (we ordered WAY too much food).  Yes: the fried rice and chicken with broccoli were his orders.  Hahaha.

Feisty Bento #259
Top tier: homemade cole slaw (recipe to come after I tweak it a little bit); celery sauteed with chorizo; carrots sauteed with basil butter
Bottom tier: waffle fries and chicken fingers
(not pictured: honey mustard for dipping)

Feisty Bento #260
Top tier: chicken & broccoli; shepherd's pie (upcoming Recipe Friday... ooh)
Bottom tier: pork belly with veggies

My gosh, I'm hungry!  Time to eat! 

HAPPY BENTO and have a LOVELY weekend, all!!!

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  1. Okay, those all look real tasty. Here's my questions though. I'm interested in more info on the celery with chorizo and the carrots sauteed with basil butter. Those sound like things I would eat. More info pretty please. :)