Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feisty Bentos #249 & 250: With Apologies

I've been a bad hostess, and I am so, so, so sorry.  I got really busy at work and things haven't slowed down and in my free time, the last thing I wanted to do was sit at the computer more than I humanly had to... so I just vegged and well I had a bento last Thursday:

Top tier: marinated cuttlefish; fried rice; spanokopita, truffled risotto puff, cranberry/goat cheese empanada (these last three were all in the same frozen appetizer box I mentioned before)
Bottom tier: last of the kickin' chicken; peas & carrots with butter; Shanghai bok choi sauteed with Shiitake mushrooms and garlic

but then I got to work and everyone at work was buzzing about the cafeteria's special of the day, which was like $6 for:

Cup of cream of chicken (or butternut squash soup), mashed potatoes/stuffing/maple glazed salmon/roasted carrots/broccoli+cauliflower with cheese sauce (choice of that or other stuff, turkey/stuffing, ham, etc.), cheese, slice of pie (pumpkin shown).

So I went with that instead and neglected the above bento, boo.  (T'was a little protein-light for me, anyway.)

That was Thursday; then Friday I didn't go to work because I had some stuff to take care of outside of the office; Monday came and I had this bento:

which I was also still busy at work and didn't want to post because well, I didn't want to reveal what an upcoming Recipe Friday MIGHT be about ;)

Left cup: fruit cup! banana chips, dried apricot pieces, and dried cherries
Right cup: potato "chips"/fries, corn fritters
Jar: clam chowder

Then we come to yesterday and today.  No bento because I was mad at myself that I'd made TWO WHOLE BENTOS and not posted about them.  Plus I'm going nuts and stressed out about making the turkey tomorrow, so... I dealt with not having a homemade lunch for two days (and I SUFFERED, I tell you that, I SUFFERED HARD...)

I hope you all can forgive me...

HAVE A FANTASTIC THANKSGIVING to my stateside readers, always HAPPY BENTO and remember Thanksgiving meals are totally bentoable.

Back on Monday!!!  (Hiatus on FF as well!)

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