Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feisty Bento #248: So Delicious

Yesterday, I was in such a rush trying to get out of the house, I left my camera at home with the pictures of my bento on there!!!  The horrors!!!  Even worse, I had a media/press event to attend after work, gasp!  Luckily, it turned out that it was too dark in there to take pictures anyways, so I didn't bother, and while the foods were teh yummz, not anything that needed to be photographed ;)

Do you know what that is?  The rest of the duck garlic plopped on top of udon that I cooked in beef broth, with some Shiitake mushrooms, some Shanghai bok choi, and omgz this was SO GOOD - the garlic stirred around and infused the broth with flavor of the highest level.  I was happy for dinner on Monday :)


Top tier: 2 more cranberry+goat cheese empanadas; marinated cuttlefish strands; pineapple fried rice (that BF ordered from Thai Pot but didn't finish)
Bottom tier: Shanghai bok choi sauteed with Shiitake mushrooms and garlic; kickin' chicken

This was a most excellent bento that I thoroughly enjoyed! 

And today, I have a silly lunch meeting that I am required to attend, so no bento. 


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  1. I am glad you are enjoying your birthday week. I have been reading every step of the way and the whole week sounds yummy so far! Happy Birthday again!