Monday, November 17, 2008

Feisty Bento #247: A few of my favorite things

Lovely, lovely, a very nice interlude during a very difficult work day...

Top tier: kickin' chicken; duck garlic from Thai Pot; one beef sate in the "bottom" of the pic
Bottom tier: cranberry & goat cheese empanadas; sauteed bok choi with garlic & Shiitake mushrooms

Okay, I was thinking about it and realized I haven't made kickin' chicken in a while... so I made it and it was GOOD :)  The duck garlic is this dish at Thai Pot that I ordered the 2nd time I went there - I thought I posted about it again, but I guess I hadn't? - but it's SO good.  Crispy duck in this phenomenal sauce that's slightly sweet but super savory at the same time, with broccoli, lots of crispy garlic, greens, these ridiculous mushrooms that are out of this world, over some more greens and some crispy noodle type things that absorb the sauce and soften right up and are DELICIOUS.  Mmm. 

The cranberry & goat cheese empanadas are from this box of frozen appetizers - BF and I had a movie day yesterday, just hanging out and watching DVDs while sipping wine and munching on random stuff I keep (assorted nuts - I have 4 kinds on hand right now, sometimes more, sometimes less; banana chips; dried fruits; dark chocolate covered pretzels; chocolate covered sunflower seeds; etc.).  It was a good time :)

As for the sauteed bok choi... wow, this is good stuff.  It's too simple to really have a recipe... but let's just say, I added the water that I used to rehydrate the Shiitake mushrooms into the hot pan which helped steam-sautee the bok choi a bit, and it added an extra layer of flavor ... DELICIOUS!!!



  1. God knows I need to live somewhere that sells goat cheese/cranberry empadas.

    Seriously, I need to smack my grocer or learn to make those myself.

    goat cheese and cranberry? mmmmm...

    think you can buy those on line? y'know me to check. :D

  2. okay, that teaches me to leave my blog reading until after dinner. I'm hungry all over again now! Super lookin' bento.

  3. I'm bookmarking your blog for ideas for my own bento lunches! Thanks so much! :)