Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feisty Bento #242: Uneaten

So I totally packed this bento on Thursday...

Leftover mapo tofu & since I ran out of rice, I packed some pumpernickel cocktail bread to top with it.

But when I was at work, I was tempted by a coworker and eventually we headed to Burger Shoppe, where I ordered and ate this instead:

I have to say, nothing was as good as I'd remembered... still tasty - tons of char on the patty (in a good, flavor-giving way, not "burnt") - but slightly drier than I recalled.  Onion rings still good but not as wonderful.  Strawberry milkshake also didn't contain chunks of strawberries, as it had last time.  Oh well.  I didn't even finish all my onion rings, oddly enough! 

Anyway, happy bento~!!!

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