Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NOT BENTO... at all!

I had a work lunchtime training session today, and tomorrow (Thursday) I have a PR event to attend during lunch (which I will be posting about on Feisty Foodie of course!).  But this is what I wound up eating... and it's gross. 

Roast beef sandwich with wild greens, tomato, mayo; chocolate chip cookie; grilled yellow zucchini; wild greens with a 3 bean salad on top; bag of chips; pineapple; canteloupe; water. 

Halfway through training, I got up and had another sandwich, some more salad, and more grilled veggies.

This is why I have to pack bento.  I can't stop myself from eating more than I really need :(

Well, for those of you who did bring bento, HAPPY BENTO~!!!

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