Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feisty Bento #346: Looks Aren't Everything


I know it ain't pretty, but looks aren't everything.  Didn't your momma teach you that!  ;)

Half of an orange bell pepper (which was 99c/lb. for some reason, unheard of ridiculously cheap!!!  Now why did I only buy 3?) stuffed with potato/chicken tossed with garlic scape pesto; potatoes, chicken, chopped up bell pepper tossed with garlic scape pesto and a small spoonful of mayo to make it a little creamy.

The funny thing is, it tastes like mashed potatoes mixed in with everything.  I've never been good at telling what kind of potatoes are good for what, so I had red bliss potatoes - which I thought were good for salads but maybe not since I usually mash them? LOL - peeled and cubed them, then boiled them, and when I added it to the bowl with the chicken and began tossing, they started crumbling a bit.  Some of the bigger cubes stayed whole, but I'm not hating, I won't lie, it was delicious anyway.  (I read a recipe once for mashed potatoes that had mayo in it; while I don't personally go that route, I could see it working, especially now, after eating this.)  So good.  SO GOOD.

Recipe for garlic scape pesto coming soon (mine is slightly different from the ones making the rounds mostly because I am a cheap bastard)!  It's easy and delicious.  Well, easy if you're not using a hand blender's cup attachment, which wants to keep jamming so you have to keep opening it and spooning things around to make it mix, dammit.  Ahem.  Not that I would know.  Riiight. 

Think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. The garlic scape must have been in your CSA basket, yes??

  2. You can use just about any potato for potato salad - I think the trick is not to overcook them? We usually use yukon gold or white potatos with the thin skin.

    That is an AWESOME price on the peppers, jealous.