Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feisty Bento #350: Woorijip Goodies!


Gimbap (four pieces, stacked up), spicy chicken, and 'zucchini pancakes' from Woorijip


Here's another angle because I didn't think you could see the pancakes well enough.  Except you can't see them that well at this angle, either, lol.

BTW -- I already cooked with my new toy, and the first step was 'render bacon' and while delicious, totally bento-worthy, it didn't make it into bento, because I ate it all.  Hahaha.  Well, also because I had this stuff from Woorijip, so I wanted to finish that and it was enough for bento so that was that, and what I made stayed as dinner, delicious dinner.  :)  You'll find out what soon enough...

Think outside the lunchbox!!!

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