Monday, June 22, 2009

Feisty Bento #349: New Kitchen Toy!


Black olives; spaghetti tossed with remaining garlic-scape-pesto ;)

Sooo... what with father's day being this past weekend... and y'know, I was feeling kind of bummed, but we don't need to get into the personal details of my life, do we?  Nawww.... Well, I bought myself a present, cuz there were father's day sales going on and I wanted to take advantage of one.  There you go.  I caved and finally bought an enameled cast iron pot, though I still stoutly refuse to buy a Le Creuset one.  Ridiculous.  This cost me, including tax and all, $65.  Hmph. 


The first thing to cook in it?  Whatever it is, the first step will be "render fat off bacon" LOL

Think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. Oooooo lucky you! Say what you will about Martha, her people and her products rock! Can't wait to see what goes with rendered bacon fat -- well, OK, most everything does, but will it be bento worth? That's the question!

  2. oooooh pretty! and red! How about pork belly. I always wanted to make pork belly. And eat it.

  3. OOOO! You are going to LOVE that pot! I have one of a different brand - 5 qt and oval and I use it all the time!! ENJOY!