Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feisty Bento #347: Utter Delight


Pickle spears along the top of the box; a few marinated artichoke hearts along the left side of the box; and then the rest is once again, not pretty but definitely delicious garlic scape tossed chicken & potatoes

Mmm, more deliciousness.

The weather has been raining and not raining and raining and just very odd here in NYC.  We're reaching record highs of rainfall and there's still 8 days left in June!  Summer weather has appeared very briefly, very fleetingly, and I'm not sure when it'll actually feel like summer - the only summery part of the weather lately is the humidity, which kills me.  I really detest humidity.  I detest walking a block and my face suddenly shiny as all get out.  It's even worse when it's not really hot - you step outside and you're like "I might need a sweater" so you take one and shove it in your giant tote and then walk a block and suddenly you're hot and sweaty and confused.  What gives?!  It's like... it's not HOT, just that it's warm enough that with the humidity, any sort of quick walking (which is nearly the only kind of walking in which I engage - I'm a New Yorker, after all!) will raise your body temp faster than you thought, and you will just be uncomfortable and crazy and just annoyed.

Humidity makes for a very grumpy Yvo.

Think outside the lunchbox!!!

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  1. That bento sounds delicious! I already had lunch and I'm now drooling again. I don't think it looks bad. It looks like this pesto mayonnaise I had the other day on a sandwich.

    My best friend lives in New York and told me it's been raining there for the past two weeks. No wonder it's so humid. You should try getting a dehumidifier for when you're indoors to cut out the humidity. Unfortunately, it won't work while you're walking outside. Maybe one of those fan/water misters will help you survive.