Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feisty Bento #67: Deep Fried Goodness

Top tier: creamed corn croquettes alternating with veggie; deep fried green beans (my brother's leftovers, I think he went to Friday's or Applebee's)
Bottom tier: bok choi, bean sprouts, edamame, and gyoza.

Not shown: the sauces for the gyoza and croquettes.  In the little box?  Oshibori.

During the same trip that I'd picked up the croquettes, I happened to notice a package of two cute little boxes with similar designs (the other one is yellow and has a cat on it, I think).  I wasn't sure what I'd use it for, tartar sauce or I don't know what, but when my mom handed me a package yesterday of really, really thin baby washcloths (she bought 6 for $1 at a nearby $1 store), I knew exactly what to put in the case: oshibori.

Since reading about oshibori on Lunch in a Box here, I've been considering how great it would be to use those, since I really hate sticky fingers and a lot of times, regular paper napkins just don't cut it.  So today will be my first time using one, I'm really excited!

HAPPY BENTO'ing on this soggy Tuesday!

PS I know my lunch, though stuffed with veggies, isn't the healthiest... too much fried stuff.  Ah... well....


  1. Let us know how the makeshift oshibori worked out for you! I love them -- and nice use of the little side dish container, Yvo!

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  3. I love deep fried stuffs too!=)

  4. I eat more unhealthily than most people, and even that hurts my heart...