Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feisty Bento #77: Something New

I'm not sure how this is going to work out, because, well, I kind of messed up the base.  Ah well.

So as you may know from reading Feisty Foodie, I'm pretty big on making my own stock.  How hard is it, just throw your veggie scraps and maybe some bones from some meal into a pot, some water, and let it go over low/medium-low flame.  I did that this morning with the bones from the rotisserie chicken I'd bought and some veggie scraps from making pot roast over the weekend.  I planned on making a sort of chicken noodle soup to bring to work.

***Side note: yesterday, my rice was piping hot and soft and delicious.  This thermal lunch jar thing is amazing.  I LOVE IT! 

With the way time ran down for me this morning, I was running around and wound up ladling the boiling hot broth into my jar, threw in some shredded chicken, and then threw in some dried egg noodles without cooking them.  I'm hoping/guessing the soup will cook the noodles until I'm ready to eat- I hate overcooked noodles, but what can you do?  Hopefully this will come out just right. 

Unfortunately, my veggie scraps were a little onion heavy so when I went to drink some broth this morning, I was surprised and a bit taken aback by how onion-y it came out.  Boo.  And since I was in a hurry and hadn't the time to season the broth right there, I poured some kosher salt into the little blue bear container to season it with later.  Tossed some chopped scallions on top and sealed it up.

The two side dish containers hold three gyoza with gyoza sauce and bean sprouts, respectively. 

Will update later with how my soup turns out!

Happy Bento'ing!!!

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