Monday, November 12, 2007

Feisty Bento #71: Trying to Save $$$

Top: last of the JFC gyoza that I don't like; gyoza sauce in the little bottle; bean sprouts in the cup
Bottom: roast chicken with an attempt at food art- I tried to draw a heart with the BBQ sauce but totally messed up; bok choi and some meat, pretty bland, will need soy sauce or gyoza sauce later

I bought a whole rotisserie chicken the other day (for a whopping $7.58 including tax, at Dallas BBQ in Manhattan- the one on 23rd & 8th, though I'm positive they all offer this take out special).  I admit I was a bit disappointed because it seemed much smaller than I am used to ordering from them (for eat-in), and I didn't opt to pay the extra $2 for honey glazed or BBQ basted (my fave).  When I got home, I just deboned the entire thing, shredding the meat a little as I went, and packed it into a tupperware for my lunch for the week.  So this morning I just heated it up a bit, plopped it into my bento, and sprayed with a little BBQ sauce to jazz it up.  (Which is really why I declined BBQ basting; I can just use my own BBQ sauce from home and not pay another $2!)  The rest of the bento, much the same as usual.

Happy Bento'ing!!!

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