Monday, November 19, 2007

Feisty Bento #76: Quickie Bento!

Running late this morning so I threw together whatever I could find in the fridge.  Result?  "Fried rice" lunch jar! 

In the jar: white rice mixed with garlic shoots and beef, just heated through in a skillet- I wanted to add a beaten egg to this, but we have no eggs!  What gives?!  I always have eggs...

Left container: gyoza with, of course, gyoza sauce!
Right container: sauteed mustard greens, or some sort of greens, found these in the fridge

Happy bento'ing- have a great Monday!!!

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  1. So glad you commented on my blog! Now I have a new bento blog to read. :0)

    Oh - and I love your blog title, by the way. :0)