Monday, December 10, 2007

Feisty Bento #88: "Nasty, Disgusting" Bento

Top tier: "BBQ" pork; potato croquettes with tonkatsu in the little carrot bottle
Bottom tier: pork gyoza, gyoza sauce, seaweed salad and pickled radish

My brother bought a huge thing of super thinly sliced pork for "shabu shabu" (swish swish) yesterday, and the leftover raw meat was used in my bento today.  I cooked nearly everything this morning before packing, which made for a slightly hectic morning... and I would NOT use this method for my pork again.  I wound up using a pair of scissors and snipping the slices of pork into little strips, then cooking them in a pan over low heat with BBQ sauce.  It was okay, but I feel like I'm missing something that could make it great.  It was no kickin' chicken, I'll tell you that much, even with the addition of the pepper flakes as I like.

Ah well. 

It didn't help that today was the day I normally volunteer at a nearby elementary school and read to a student (to help with his grades), and my student today not only wouldn't settle down but began poking at my lunch with his fingers.  I held back a shriek of disgust because I have serious issues with people touching my food, but I politely asked him to stop (he was poking the pink and white sauce bottle), and then he informed me that my lunch was "nasty" "disgusting" and "made him want to barf".  I told him that was just not very nice- his lunch had made me want to barf, but I kept that opinion to myself! on top of which, he then implied my lunch was not something he'd like- "My mom says I wouldn't like that kind of food because it's nasty" like, it's pork!  It's even BBQ which is "American" - I told him this - and he was just shocked like "REALLY, that's not pork, that's not American!"  ...

I am very grumpy today and I was not in the mood to deal with that so I just kept reading.  Sigh.

As always, happy bento! 


  1. Well, if it's any consolation, I think your lunch looks yummy. Some kids think anything that's not a hamburger or pizza is disgusting... your lunches are fantastic! :)

  2. When I read the title I thought it was gonna be a big ol' bento full of potato salad :)

  3. Oh! I hate it when students touch my food or even look like they are going to.

    I think BBQ pork is delicious, and I'm sure your bento was too. :0)