Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feisty Bento #91: No Goodie Bags, Less Food

Okok so last night was supposed to be the big to-do with the goodie bags and whatnot.  Well I didn't do it.  Why?  I wound up working OT until 9, got home at about 9:30, jumped in B's dad's car at 9:40, and we zipped off to Roosevelt Field so I could help him find some stores to buy stuff for his wife.  I got home at about 11:30 and proceeded to tear through some dumplings (I hadn't eaten dinner yet)- 14 in all, actually *shame* and play Onslaught until 12:30 then I went and passed out.  Sigh.  I HAVE to do them tonight- no dawdling now- because some people won't be in on Friday so I've got to get them together and give some out tomorrow. 

Bento for today.  Packed awfully- I worked the color scheme great but the stuff jumped around in the container.  Oh well, it'll still taste good.

Top left: hummus, cucumber slices;
bottom left: corn relish and whole wheat orzo (from the cafeteria last night for dinner);
right, from top: toasted pumpernickel cocktail bread; grilled chicken breast (bland, very bland, also from the cafeteria); in the little cup, a marinated artichoke heart

Less food than usual.  Why?  On purpose.  As I mentioned before and above, I've been not losing any more weight and it's the holidays and I've been eating more and there's always goodies around and and and... well no more excuses.  I have to curb my eating and the easiest way to do that is to pack less lunch.  Kick start my weight loss and get going again on this.  But super flavorful foods will hopefully keep my interest and prevent me from eating my face.  I hope.  I think I should try to get a smaller bento as well... but then I'd go hungry and that just makes me binge, wah.

Happy bento!!!  Tomorrow will bring pictures of all of the completed goodie bags, I promise!!!

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