Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Feisty Bento #93: Lots of gifts and holiday wishes

At least it's a short week, but I'm so exhausted.  Too much running around and non-stop motion just gets to me, y'know?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas/holiday and they got everything they wanted.  I got a ton of cooking stuff, yay! and some bento stuff, double yay!  I like the theme- my family's been focusing on my hobbies for gifts.  I guess I didn't have hobbies before or something because they seem to never have known what to get me ;p  Or rather, I had more expensive hobbies.  I did get a lot of great gifts, thank you to everyone!!!

(I got two new Wusthof knives, which adds to the two I got last year for Christmas, and the two I got for my birthday, bringing my knife block to a grand total of... 6!!!  w00t!  I'm getting there!) 

Here's how I packaged the rest of my goodie bags:

the glass of wine I had at the "holiday lunch" with my two buddy/coworkers, DD & Orzo, and Orzo's gf- the wine really wanted to be in the picture

Also, pictures of how I've been sort of bitten by the Martha bug, because I actually wrapped my presents then decided I could make them look even better by... well, adding stuff, frills, ribbons, taping stuff to the package...

BF's wrapped gifts: Transformers chess, Transformers rock'em/sock'em robot-style toy/game, and a bottle of cologne. 

(I didn't wrap his other four gifts: two original pages from the Wolverine/Marvel Knights series, signed by Darick Robertson, his favorite artist; the comic series from which those pages came, all 43 issues, bagged and backed; and the Mel Brooks' boxset of DVDs- think it was 10 DVDs? plus Spaceballs since that wasn't in the box set.  Yeah, I know, I'm an awesome girlfriend.)

For my cousin: Friends SceneIt DVD game- she loves board games, maybe as much as if not more than I do- we even played, finally (after she's brought the board game to the past 3-4 family events! I felt so bad!), Settlers of Catan on Monday night.  And I like the game, but I am biased since I won and any game I win is fun.  The two little wrapped packages on top are Sephora lip balm and a Sephora French manicure set.

For my sister, two cookbooks- she loves cookbooks though I'm positive she never uses them, haha.  She just emails me and asks for recipes.  I got her "Country Pork" because as she said when she opened it, "I don't know how to cook pork!" and "30 minute meals" NOT Rachael Ray, just a random cookbook that had the same title.  And as her husband said when she opened it, "HAHA that actually means 60 minute meals when it comes to Vivien!"  Well, he's right, so that's why she should start shorter... *wink*

Gift for my brother in law- 50 pack of DVDs, war movies and documentaries- some from the enemy perspective (Germany and Japan).  I thought it was cool so I snagged one.  One of the movies stars Ronald Reagan, hehe.  He seemed to really like it- I know he loves war movies, historical novels, war documentaries...

For my brother: the small package is a USB drive- you plug it in and it reads nearly any memory card there is, basically you can use it as a thumb drive or... as I do... as a portable drive I plug into any computer I want to put pictures on, so I don't have to lug my camera cable back around or leave it at work (my laptop has an internal/integrated SD drive, so I don't need the cable at home).  The box is filled with DVDs he requested.  Every single one of them.

(These are only the gifts I wrapped; I gave most people more than just what's pictured.)

And today's bento is a lesson in "Why I should sometimes just let go and not make bento (and sleep the extra 15 minutes)

I burned the gyoza!  Can you tell?

Top tier: hummus, toasted pumpernickel cocktail bread, roasted baby bok choi
Bottom tier: gyoza and gyoza sauce in the little bottle

Remember this bento set?  It was the first one I bought.  I'm only using it because something's wrong with the water and it comes out screaming hot only, so I can't wash my bento gear and this one was clean, obviously.  Blegh.  I really think I should have just slept the extra few minutes today.  Haha.

I hope y'all are having a great time off or an uneventful week at work!!!  Happy bento!!!

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