Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feisty Bento #90: Welcome Back Bento!

I didn't want to jinx it which is why I didn't mention it before it happened... so, since July, I've been "in the process"- this long, grueling process that stressed me the freak out, which in part is why I've been sticking to this bento thing- of buying a co-op!!!  Whee!  I closed on Thursday which explains why I took some time off from work and stayed in New York (I tend to prefer going somewhere, anywhere, when I vacation, though this will probably change soon), and didn't make any bento...

(For the non-NYC-area people: click.  A lot of non-NYC people have asked me what a co-op is, before which I hadn't realized it's mostly an NYC thing.  It's like a condo, but not.  Basically I bought a 1 bedroom apartment if you're not so inclined to click, but I had to go through an application process, including an interview and probably a background check, etc. etc. etc.) 

I am now officially a homeowner!!!  I hope to move in shortly, but am planning on painting first, so that's going to take a few weeks to get everything together and planned out...

And, the update on the goodie bags ... I only gave out one [of the ones pictured last time] so far, but mostly because I wasn't going to see her this week.  I took off the candy canes and let those two remain the same.  I haven't actually put together anymore, but tonight will be the big to-do where I put all of them together... BUT I gave out two larger goodie bags, and here's what they looked like- thanks Lilly for the idea/websites/how to's!!!  (You guys all rock btw.  I am really seriously not creative and not crafty- I can try as hard as you like but mostly I fall very, very flat.) 

Easy enough even for someone like me.  I punched two holes near the top and looped wired-ribbon through a few times then tied into a regular bow, looping a regular size candy cane through.  Oddly enough, I messed up the green bag's bow, even though it was the 2nd one I did.  Haha.  I should have taken a picture of what went inside: everything I wrapped in about 20 minutes because I was in a huge hurry, and it came out decent, I think.  I heard no complaints =P 

(I'm not exchanging gifts with anyone this year outside of the obligatory family.  These aren't gifts.  These were little things I saw randomly and thought "OMG, [person] would love this!" so I picked it up.  It wasn't expensive, but some of the items were kind of larger than you'd think for the price I paid.  This is my disclaimer before people get mad at me or whatever.  I genuinely like buying people things that I think they'd love, and in fact, I had to curtail buying some items for the green bag, since I saw a couple of other things I KNOW she'd have loved- including Greek honey- sorry sweetness!  But yeah, no getting jealous, no getting mad, I love everyone, but some people I happen to know their tastes and happen to shop in stores that have a lot of that stuff more than, say, umm... other stuff.)

I really missed bento these past few days, especially when I hopped on the scale and noticed a few lbs. came back, but I am going to blame that on where I am in my cycle.  (Not that you need to know this, but I am currently at "FAT" in my cycle.) 

Oh, and that little paint swatch under my bento?  That's what color my bedroom is going to be.  "Caliente" - Benjamin Moore Aura.  HOT. *wink*  Or spicy, depending on how you want to translate...

Quick and easy bento today, to get me back in the swing of things!

Top tier: hummus, toasted pumpernickel cocktail bread
Bottom tier: roast pork, cucumber slices, and potato salad

BTW, I went to CostCo to pick up hummus and wow, it was $6 for 32 oz.  I paid $6 for my 17 oz. container a week or two ago.  I go through hummus fairly quickly, so I will definitely be going back for more... yumyum~!

Happy Bento!!!


  1. Your bento looks yum, and being a homeowner! Super duper exciting! Hehe and yeah, I know what you mean with the whole sometimes you just see something and think of a certain person! Happy holidays!

  2. Yay, a new place! Love your paint chip :)

  3. Wow, out here in Indiana, a co-op is a place where multiple companies get together to store and deliver grain, lol! I guess different locales really change the definition.