Thursday, December 27, 2007

Does this make my lunch look phat? deadline extension

A few months ago, I announced my first ever contest, "Does this make my lunch phat?"  Unfortunately, the holidays caught hold of me and not that many people entered (boo...), so I'm extending the deadline (and finally announcing the extension!) to... February 29th.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the new year will bring exciting news and an exciting plan (the 2nd solely regarding cooking!), so I expect that I'll need some time to get back into the swing of things and get everything together.  Also, I like the idea of making the deadline a day that only comes around once every four years.  I'm quirky, sue me.  :)

The rules and requirements remain the same, with one large exception: the green box has been promised to someone, so don't request that one, please!!! 

Also, Allison of SushiDay has generously offered a SushiDay t-shirt to the first place winner, in addition to their choice of bento set!  Thanks Allison!  I wish I could be the first place winner... ;)  She'll be posting further details shortly, so be sure to head on over there to take a peek at what she's got for you.  Awesome site with tons of great pictures and all sushi tutorials, and even the nutritional info.  Totally awesome!  And much of her stuff is bento-friendly! 

Good luck and as always, happy bento!!!

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  1. Ooh... I want to enter! I must have started reading your blog after you posted this contest - or I missed it somehow.

    In either case - I am glad you extended the deadline. Can I enter more than one of my lunches so long as they each have a recipe to go along with them? (You know, increase my chance of winning??) ;0)

  2. Absolutely Mer! Enter as many times as you like! ;)

  3. I was so bummed that I missed this. Had my eye on the PowderPuff girls ya know :)

  4. Hi, and I also missed this and thank you for the extension because I am definitely going to enter. . .Yay! I absolutely love new challenges. Happy New Years and hugs,
    Shandy @Pastry Heaven

  5. yay! I just entered, and tomorrow I will be going through my photies to find more to enter :)

  6. Yay! i'm so glad that you extended the deadline. I got a camera for holidays so now I can actually enter - huzzah!