Monday, December 3, 2007

Feisty Bento #83: Ratatouille

Top tier: Sabra brand hummus; toasted pumpernickel cocktail bread stacked; grape tomatoes
Bottom tier: Ratatouille; Chinese roast pork (char siu); store bought potato salad (Sally Sherman brand)

Okay, let's talk: first, I bought the potato salad after seeing potato salad on SushiDay and just like, wanting potato salad but being too lazy to go through all the steps of her recipe (it's not hard, it's just time consuming and I have had NO time to myself lately...).  I walked into a grocery store and saw tubs of this stuff going for $1.50 so I said why not, I'll try it, and brought it home.  This morning, when I opened it and started to scoop it out, it was gummy and gross looking, not even a sliver of vegetable (the way I like my potato salad, with some crunch, some contrasting textures!).  Ugh.  Maybe I can feed it to my brother. 

Second, this is probably blasphemy coming from not just a fangirl of Pixar/Disney and all cutesy movies with talking animals, and also from someone who not only lives and eats in NYC, takes the subway with plenty of rats all the time, and honestly, I have eaten in some really delicious dive joints that undoubtedly have rats in the back by the garbage- and according to the people I know who OWN restaurants, well, all restaurants have rats etc. etc. etc.  Fine.  But I watched Ratatouille recently and had to stop myself from throwing up.  I kept gagging and eventually I busied myself looking at stuff on the comptuer instead of looking at the screen the whole time, because I was really disturbed and grossed out by the rat cooking.  And other choice scenes which, if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.  I don't even consider myself squeamish or easily grossed out by much, but something about seeing a rat cook just turned my stomach.  Maybe it's because cooking is an activity I really enjoy and consider myself proficient at, I don't really know, I just know that Remy really made me want to barf.

But at a French restaurant on Friday night (review coming on Feisty Foodie!), I decided to order a side of ratatouille to see how it tastes.  I'm positive it wasn't a rat back there cooking it, anyway.

It's okay; stewed vegetables and I'm not a huge fan of super soft mushy veggies.  But the flavor is very powerfully concentrated, which, if you like the vegetables in that particular mix, is delicious. 

As always, happy bento!!!

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  1. :( I'm sad that your potato salad was no good... if I lived in NY I would totally make another batch and give you some! And yeah, the recipe I used wasn't difficult, although it was time consuming. Lots of different textures though... I think you would like it.

    That sucks that Ratatouille made you nauseous... I loved that movie, although I can definitely see where you are coming from.

    Oh well, the rest of your lunch looks delicious as always!