Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feisty Bento #89: Short day bento!

I channeled my inner Martha last night. That's a pretty big stretch; aside from when it comes to food, I am not creative visually at all. I am not artistic with anything but words or a wok (well, not really a wok, but I really like alliteration, sue me). But I saw a picture of a coffee bean bag wrapped with ribbon up and down, and I thought, "I can do that." So I did. The ribbon colors are irking me a bit, but what do you think?

The ribbon on the red bag is actually a sheer green color, and the ribbon on the green bag is actually a sheer red. Mom suggested putting the red ribbon on the red bag next to oomph the red and green on the green, so I'll probably do that. I also attempted to glue the candy canes on, instead of having the tape which looks admittedly and decidedly very, very ugly, but the glue wouldn't hold. Any suggestions? This was really easy and really improved the look of the goodie bags. (Each bag contains the exact same thing, but for some reason I folded them different heights by accident. See? Not crafty AT ALL.)

I really like goodie bags and putting them together is so much fun. Finding the various items to put in it was a lot of fun... I hope the recipients like them...!

Despite the fact that I am leaving work at 1 today, I need to eat lunch before I go, right? So I did pack myself a bento today. Also because yesterday, we went out to grab pizza (Adrienne's, which I adore!) and I felt a bit more than disgusting afterwards, not just for eating 3 slices but I don't know, it's more food than I normally eat for lunch and a bit heavier as well. So, here's lunch... which is basically dinner from last night (I worked OT, if I work beyond a certain time, they provide dinner. AND a car home. I didn't eat my dinner last night):

Top tier: broccolini Bottom tier: parmesan mashed potatoes; herbed cod

I also whipped up a quick tartar sauce (sort of, I didn't have any inclination to chop onions this morning so I left those out) to go on the side in case the fish is only so-so.

Happy Bento and I will return with more bento next Tuesday!!!


  1. Maybe lay the bags down and clip the candy canes to the bag while the glue is drying? It might help... Your bags look fantastic though! Hehe I would love to do something like that, but I have no one to give them to... Oh well, I'm sure eventually I'll have an excuse to do something like that! :)

  2. Nice! I had the same idea this year too. How much did you get the bags for? I got them for 25 cents a piece at Kmart. A tadbit expensive but better than paying for those gift bags. Happy Holidays!

  3. Looks pretty good but don't tape the candycane, use something else.

  4. Hey Allison! Thanks for the suggestion- I actually tried that and it still didn't "take". Ah well, I'm just going to drop the candy canes inside instead!

    Anonymous- I actually bought the bags at Party City (if you're in the NYC area, there's one on 14th b/w 5th and 6th!). The green ones I picked up loose because the first time i went, they only had the loose green ones, and it was like 30-35c a bag? Maybe 3/$1 or something? But the red ones, when I went back, they had packages of I think 12 or 20 for maybe $2? I think it came out to just over 22c a bag, I forget, but really cheap either way! The ribbon was a dollar a roll but it isn't the greatest, but then I can't justify spending a lot on something I know is going to wind up in the garbage and that I am not going to wow anyone with TOO much...