Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feisty Bento #229: Gorgeous Bento & Contest

I am immensely pleased with my bento today. Look at it! Wouldn't you be, too? I can't wait to eat it, even though it is smaller than I'm used to. I love the cheery yellow box (new purchase from my recent Bay Area trip, which I will be talking about in detail one of these days!). I love the colors and the food and everything, even though it's more frozen stuff than I'd have liked. Whatever. It's gorgeous!

I love it so much, I took extra pics. :)

Starting from the left is pork & chicken gyoza, with a small bottle of gyoza sauce tucked in. I've got sliced green bell peppers tucked in all around, a small mango pudding for dessert, and a few pieces of kara-age. In the bear cup is this spicy chicken & bean... stew? that I made last night, recipe to come on Feisty Foodie. It is DELICIOUS. The color scheme was so drab I had to punch it up with the bell peppers...

And look what I also picked up on my trip to San Francisco! I went into Mitsuwa and this was hanging on the freezer door by the frozen gyoza I adore (which is so much cheaper over there, it's not. even. funny). I had to bring one back, scan it, and share with y'all, but funny thing: Biggie just posted about this contest today, too! Go, enter! I'm entering this bento, totally (it's nearly all Ajinomoto products, actually - I do prefer their gyoza over JFC, and their kara-age is yummy but expensive. And since I'm eating their gyoza, I buy their gyoza sauce. Haha).

As always, peoples, HAPPY BENTO!!!


  1. These are so nice! I like the mini gyoza sauce bottle, it looks like a smaller kikoman soy sauce.

  2. YEs, it's very pretty! The little mango pudding cup looks like a flower:)