Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feisty Bento #235: Same insides, different outsides

One of my latest bento purchase from my trip to San Francisco.  I haven't opened anything.  That's sad, isn't it?  This box holds 610 ml, surprisingly, since it looks small.  It's squat is all.  It was $1.50 at Daiso in Serramonte Center, Daly City...  and I admit, I mostly bought it because everything suddenly clicked in my head- well, it's a long story about how I cannot think outside the box for the life of me, sadly.  Anyway, I also bought it because Jenn always raves about these boxes

I had to buy the matching fork and bag, of course, but I didn't photograph those.  Hehe.  Jury's still out on these boxes, will have to wait until I've washed the box and used it a bit more ;)

Top tier: buttered mixed veggies; pork tenderloin with gravy; mango pudding; pickled cucumbers and peppers
Bottom tier: bok choy salad; roasted peppers

I told you, it would be more of the same all week.  Except this is the last of the pork and buttered veggies.  So I'll have a different protein tomorrow and possibly new veggies.  We'll see.  I'm in a real cooking mood.  Too much eating out lately...

Before I go, I wanted to alert you (because I'm nice like that, even though this decreases my chances of winning... maybe I shouldn't tell you... well, what the heck?) to a contest going on over at Not Exactly Bento.  One of my absolute favorite bento blogs, you should check out her site even if you don't bento or don't want to enter the contest cuz it's kick-butt.  (Keeping it G rated here.)  Seriously, it amuses me to no end that she frequently says "I'm not a good cook," but then wakes up at 4:38 am to make biscuits from scratch or makes gorgeous brownies... (I could swear she once posted about waking up early with a brownie craving and baking at 7 am but I can't find it, boo).  Anyway, I can't bake for crap, so her baking on the fly like it ain't no thang but a chicken wang?  IMPRESSES THE HELL OUT OF ME. 

Anyway, go enter her contest, and then stick around and see what else is bento'ing.  You won't be sorry you did :)



  1. I have this exact box, also from a Bay Area Daiso. I really like it.

  2. I spent WAYTOOMUCH for a set of 3 of those boxes... in all 3 colors it comes in, and I admit I was a bit wary of them when I first got them too. I thought, OMG they're so TINY! But I'm finding now they're getting to be my most grabbed for boxes in my collection! I hope you end up finding that true as well.

  3. Oh I hope you end up liking them. Like Sile, I spent way too much for my three, but they are my most beloved boxes. I won't part with them for the world. I like their shape as well as how the top tier doesn't have a cover that sits in the box, but rather over it, allowing me to back a little above the top of the box. Very helpful with sushi grass, food dividers, fruit, and other non-smooshable things.